Book Nook: Owls in the Family – Farley Mowat

My wife has read more books than me.

She’ll be super happy to finally see me admit defeat, as I’ve tried to hold on to my dignity for as long as possible, but it’s the truth.

The other day, at her Aunt and Uncle’s house, she was asking me if I had ever read various books that they had on their shelves. As she proceeded to pull more and more books from each shelf, and as I continued to reply that I hadn’t ever read them, it became clear that, if my marriage were to continue, I’d be expected to read them.

Most of the books she asked me about were books I probably should have read as a child, but, for whatever reason, I hadn’t taken the time to do so. Maybe I was distracted with The Hardy Boys, or maybe I was just distracted in general.

But I decided I wanted to stay married, so I obediently picked one that she had asked about.

Owls in the Family is only 89 pages, and it was obviously written for a younger demographic, but I found it to be an enjoyable read. In today’s age of technology – with so much to do indoors – it was fun to read about Billy and his outdoor adventures with two adopted owls.

While I never owned an owl, I was reminded of fun experiences with my childhood best friend. His house sat on plenty of land for us to explore, and reading this book served as a reminder of things I hope my children get to experience as they grow up.

I would recommend this book for either a child who loves to read and is looking for as many books as possible, or for a child who is starting to read chapter books and is in need of something easy to understand to start with.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

One thought on “Book Nook: Owls in the Family – Farley Mowat

  1. Only 3 stars *wounded to the heart*. I see you’re leaving room for the best to hold the 5 star position. I can’t wait.


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