Book Nook: The BFG – Roald Dahl

I’m not the best at making up bedtime stories.

Most of the stories I make up revolve around a fox, and, when I start running out of ideas, characters start dying. In a matter of 30-45 seconds, all my characters are both introduced and killed off.

Luckily my daughter is only 9-months-old, meaning I’ve most likely avoided any major emotional scarring.

I guess we’ll find out.

If she gets emotional anytime she sees a fox, we’ll know why.

The BFG, however, is a perfect bedtime story. It could also be a perfect story in general to read aloud to your children.

It’s easy to picture children laughing at the strange words and the funny way the BFG talks.

The story is silly enough, and a good portion of the plot is random enough, that children will easily be engaged in the story.

I can’t picture the reader being unengaged either. It’s fun to make giant voices.

Overall, The BFG is a whizzpopping good time.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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