Book Nook: Dealing With Dragons – Patricia C. Wrede

I don’t consider myself an avid fantasy reader.

Sure, I enjoy a good fantasy book when one presents itself. But I wouldn’t go out of my way to find one on my own.

I would rather choose a good memoir, as I like knowing what life looks like for other people from their perspective. I’m not necessarily looking for facts you’d find in a biography. I want their perspective, their experiences, their feelings.

I also like, what I would call, normal fiction. Books that are written about things that could actually happen. No wizards, dragons, elves, etc… Just a fictional story that I could see myself experiencing if my life were different.

Having said that, I thoroughly enjoyed Dealing With Dragons.

This was one of the books that my wife read as a child, and, since I missed out on that experience during my childhood, she felt I should read it now.

Dealing With Dragons is based in a world where fairy-tale stereotypes are the norm.

You just might get cursed at your christening by an evil fairy. If you’re a princess, you’re probably going to be captured or locked away. If you’re a prince, it’s your responsibility to rescue said princess from whatever peril she happens to be in.

Now imagine you place somebody from our world into this setting, and you sit back to watch everybody else react as this character doesn’t play by the rules.

That’s kind of what you can expect from this book.

You have a princess who doesn’t want to follow normal princess standards, and who doesn’t enjoy what princesses should enjoy. We, as the readers, get to enjoy watching everybody else’s confused reactions as she refuses to comply with their expectations.

Strong female character? Check!

Some moments feel almost like satire. As if the author were like, “I’m going to make a fairy tale where at least one character sees how ridiculous fairy tales are.”

There is, of course, a more substantial storyline involving dragons and wizards that has less to do with the near satirical humor I mentioned before, and more to do with what most fantasy fans are probably looking for.

Adventure, action, suspense, and maybe a little bit of magic thrown in there. Oh, and dragons. Always dragons.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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