Book Nook: Anne of Green Gables – L.M. Montgomery

Should I start off by admitting that I cried when the book ended? Probably not, so we’ll leave that for a bit.

Forget I mentioned anything. *cough*

I grew up with 2 older sisters, and they loved the 1985 Anne of Green Gables miniseries by Kevin Sullivan. I watched bits and pieces while they would watch it, unwilling to actually sit down and admit that it was enjoyable. It wasn’t what I wanted to watch as a boy, but I saw enough of it to be able to visualize the scenes as I read them more than 20 years later.

I wasn’t planning on reading Anne of Green Gables when I did, but I had just finished Pride and Prejudice. I wanted something light and easy to read, and, when looking at the bookshelf in our living room, I saw my wife’s copy of Anne of Green Gables. Reading it seemed a sure way to score some brownie points later.

And score some points, it did!

A few pages in, I was already smiling and laughing at everything that came out of Anne’s mouth. She’s only 11 at the beginning of the book, but she’s so dramatic and outspoken about everything going on in her head. It was so much fun to read her longwinded proclamations and then to read the single sentence replies from the adults.

Anne (Anne with an E, mind you) is wonderful.

She’s in the depths of despair one moment and then the happiest creature on the earth the next. Reading the book allows you to watch Anne as she experiences life as a child, and it’s enjoyable – and slightly sad – seeing her grow up.

If we end up having a daughter named Anne, you’ll know why.

And yes, at the end of the book I cried. It wasn’t that the ending was super sad, although there were sad moments. I was just emotional because the book was ending.

I know there are 7 additional books in the story, and I’m excited to read them. It’s just sad knowing I’ll never be able to read this one again for the first time.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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