Book Nook: This Time Together – Carol Burnett

I went through a teenage phase when I wanted to watch old TV shows. I’d ask my parents for suggestions, and then I’d rent a season or two the next time we went to the movie store.

I ended up watching Doogie Howser, Quantum Leap, The Munsters, I Love Lucy, and several others before I moved onto something else for a while. Some readers might not consider those to be “old” tv shows, but they were before my time…so that classified it as old for teenage Denver

The Carol Burnett Show was one of the suggestions, but I could never track down a full episode of the show, much less an entire season. Instead, I resorted to watching poor-quality clips on YouTube. However, even with the limited access I had to the show itself, I enjoyed the few scenes I could find.

As those familiar with The Carol Burnett Show are aware, she would begin each show with a Q & A session. This allowed the audience to participate, and, if all went well, it got them laughing before the performance started.

A few years before writing This Time Together, Burnett performed shows around the country that were purely formatted as a Q & A session. Each show was 90 minutes, and the audience could ask whatever they wanted.

After years of receiving and answering questions about her life, her career, and the many accomplished people she had interacted with, she found there were some frequently asked questions. This book is her way of answering the most common questions viewers have had.

There are a little over 70 stories in the book, with some being a single page. Obviously, some are longer, but this isn’t a book that you should ever have to stop mid-chapter. Even without much time to dedicate to a book, you can at least get a few stories in.

While I consider this book to be worth the read, I feel that This Time Together is most enjoyable for those who have more experience with the show itself. My parents would probably enjoy it more than I did, while I most likely enjoyed it more than somebody who hasn’t heard of Carol Burnett.

If you don’t know who Carol Burnett is, The Carol Burnett Show is apparently on Amazon Prime now.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with the show before reading this book.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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