Book Nook: Eat Chocolate Naked – Cam Johnson

I bought this book thinking it was going to be a mostly sarcastic, humorous book. And can you blame me?

The title is Eat Chocolate Naked, and the first tip I read when skimming through the book was “Tattoo His Name On Your @$$”. Hardly what you’d expect from a book written to give real advice on sparking romance.

However, shortly after starting this book, I was like, “Oh, you’re serious…”

Eat Chocolate Naked is written by a woman – for women – as a way to rekindle the romance in a relationship where it might be dwindling. And if eating chocolate naked isn’t your thing, don’t worry. There are 142 other ideas for you.

Not only is this a self-help book. It’s the worst kind of self-help book. It preys on women in unhappy relationships, offering them solutions that probably won’t be useful at all.

Why not?

Maybe because a lot of these “tips” are going to cost more money than a lot of readers can afford. Not everybody can go to the airport with their significant other and purchase tickets on the first flight out because they’re bored. Not everybody can afford to buy the bed of their dreams in hopes that it makes their relationship more romantic.

Another reason is because this book assumes that the romance has died simply because of laziness or from falling into a routine.

Well, maybe it’s because the significant other is actually a jerk. Telling the reader that the lack of romance is essentially her fault, and that it’s her responsibility to heat things up, can be useless and inaccurate if her husband/boyfriend is simply a bad guy. Even if he is a good guy, telling the woman that it’s her responsibility to change everything may not be the right way to go.


If you read Eat Chocolate Naked, and you’re anything like me, the only thing you’re really going to get out of it is a reminder for you and your significant other to communicate your needs/desires with one another. No tips and tricks necessary.

When I told my wife what I expected from this book, and how it differed from what the book actually offered, she said, “So, you want Reddit?”

I thought Reddit is where you find out when to buy stock in GameStop. Is that not it?

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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