Book Nook: Embracing the Broken – Tiffany Webster

I recently decided I wanted to make a change to the books I read on Sundays. In order to make it more of an uplifting day, I made the decision to read books on Sundays that have some type of gospel or spiritual significance.

It might mean I have to interrupt whatever book I’m reading during the week – and it might take multiple Sundays to get through a single book – but it felt like something I should do.

Embracing the Broken was one of these “Sunday books”, but it didn’t turn out to be that inspiring.

Basically, the author of Embracing the Broken, Tiffany Webster, struggled for years with perfectionism. This book is her story of how she learned to embrace her flaws and live with the fact that we are all imperfect.

And that’s pretty much it.

I don’t feel that she expressed anything new or unique. I could tell at various moments that she was paraphrasing very specific sections of well-known addresses by other Latter-day Saints without referencing them.

It all just felt like an extremely long Sunday School lesson.

There were also way too many typos. I understand that a lot of books have at least 1 typo somewhere. But we’re probably talking about more than 20 typos.

After reading Embracing The Broken, I looked up information about the author and found that she hasn’t updated her website since the book was released in 2017. Sections still say that anybody wanting to book her for a public speaking opportunity should act fast because her 2017 schedule is filling up fast.

Maybe she’s just taking this “we are all imperfect” thing a little too seriously.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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