Book Nook: Runaway Ralph – Beverly Cleary

We’ve made it to book 2 in the Mouse and the Motorcycle series. Not that it takes that long to get through the series…

Each book is less than 200 pages with illustrations, and only takes an hour or two to finish.

But Ralph is on to his next adventure, and you’re not going to want to miss it.

Keith, the boy who gave Ralph the motorcycle in book 1, has now left the Mountain View Inn and is never referred to by name again.

Ralph, who has now developed an attitude that wasn’t really there in the first book, is tired of his siblings and cousins constantly wanting a ride on his motorcycle. So, what does he do? What every child probably threatens to do at least once during their childhood.

He runs away.

Finding himself at a young boys and girls camp, he’s caught by a boy named Garf (short for Garfield). Of course, Garf is a lonely boy who loves motorcycles, so he can understand Ralph as well.

I feel like there’s more drama and action in Runaway Ralph, as we’re introduced to dogs, cats, and hamsters. And even though that sounds like it would be more entertaining, I’m not really fond of Ralph’s attitude.

This adventure is meant to be a learning experience for Ralph, so I understand why the attitude is there. But I didn’t find Runaway Ralph as pleasant to read as The Mouse and the Motorcycle.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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