A Little About This Blog

Curious about what content you can find on this blog? Here is what you can expect from each category:

Dating/Relationships – This is by no means a dating blog, nor am I a relationship expert. But sometimes I’ll write about my relationship with my wife, or what I believe dating should be like. Sometimes I just watch way too much of the bachelor, and I think I have to save America from whatever form of dating you want to call that.

Life – Not a lifestyle blog, either! I simply created a life category for when I want to write about something that is currently happening in my life. There may not be a message or moral behind what I’m writing in this category, it’s just a way for me to update those around me on what’s going on in my life.

Mental Health – This blog was originally started as a way for me to share my thoughts on a variety of mental health topics. I wanted to write about depression, anxiety, and other insecurities I’ve struggled with in my life, without it turning into a “my life sucks” type blog. I hope that what I write about mental health can lift others by helping them know they’re not alone.

Religious – I want most of my writing to be applicable to the majority of people reading it, so this is probably the smallest category. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I realize that not everybody shares the same beliefs that I do. When I post about my religious beliefs, it’s mostly to share thoughts I’ve had with others who believe the same way I do. But I hope that even those who don’t share my beliefs can at least find a positive message in each post.

Books – I love to read, and recently I’ve discovered how much I enjoy discussing the books that I’ve read with others. However, for some reason, summarizing books makes me uncomfortable. I always feel like I’m going to summarize something, and somebody else will feel I’ve completely missed what the book was about. Instead of summarizing the books I’ve read, I’ve decided to simply share my overall thoughts about the book. Do I recommend it? Why or why not?  To understand my rating system (1-5 stars) read below.

5 stars – I would actively recommend the book.

4 stars – I would recommend the book if somebody asked me specifically about that book.

3 stars – It’s a book that, while entertaining, doesn’t necessarily need to be read. You can read it if you want, but don’t need to.

2 stars – I would recommend not reading the book if somebody asked me specifically about that book.

1 star – I would actively recommend not reading this book