The Day I Got Engaged Was One of the Worst Days of My Life

The Day I Got Engaged Was One of the Worst Days of My Life

With social media as it is, we’re constantly surrounded with the “best” of others.

The best angle.

The best outfit.

The best news.

The best attitude.

Sure, while the mainstream media might often show us the worst of others, what we pick and choose to show about ourselves through social media is often the best we have to offer.

And I can relate. I understand the desire to show ourselves the way we want to be seen, and to leave out the other – not so pretty – details. I find myself doing it as well.

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Let’s Talk About Addiction

Let’s Talk About Addiction

I don’t remember exactly why I started thinking about addiction last week, but over the years I’ve noticed that most people don’t understand it. Even addicts fail to understand it themselves, and spend years addressing the wrong issue.

Be aware as you read this that I don’t like the word “addict”, as I feel it’s a poor way to define somebody with so many other qualities. But I’ll be using it in this post to make it easier to refer to those with an addiction.

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Why I See a Counselor, and Why You Should Too

Why I See a Counselor, and Why You Should Too

There are really three ways that I get ideas for what I want to write about.

  1. I’ll see or hear somebody, and I’ll recognize that they don’t understand something that I wish they understood. It’s not always appropriate to approach them immediately, so I’ll make a note of the idea on my phone and then write about it later.
  2. I’ll notice that somebody I know is going through something that I’ve gone through before. They may not know that I understand what it’s like, and rarely is it effective to directly tell somebody in pain that I understand. They’ll usually reject whatever is said. But by writing about it, and allowing them to read it on their own time, they are generally more open and will sometimes reach out themselves for support.
  3. The last reason is when I recognize a flaw in my own life. Sometimes I’ve made the change in thinking or acting already and am trying to share what I now understand. Other times I’ll still be in the process of changing but feel it would be valuable to share my thoughts.

This idea came the third way…

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