Used 2016 Tesla Model S Buying Guide: Top Considerations

A Close Look at the Used 2016 Tesla Model S

The acquisition of a Used 2016 Tesla Model S is more than a purchase—it’s an investment in automotive innovation and eco-friendly technology. This particular model is renowned for revolutionizing the electric vehicle (EV) industry with its advanced battery systems, pioneering driving aids, and a suite of comfort features that rival luxury marques.

Top Attributes of the Used 2016 Tesla Model S

Boasting an enviable electric range, the Model S offers a travel capacity between 210 to 315 miles per charge. Its electric motors provide instantaneous power delivery for an exhilarating ride. Additionally, Autopilot—a suite of assisted driving features—embarks on delivering a semi-autonomous driving experience, marking a significant leap in vehicle intelligence.

Elegance and Ergonomics

With a striking, aerodynamic shape, the Used 2016 Tesla Model S cuts through the air with style and efficiency. Its interior welcomes passengers with a fusion of luxury and simplicity, anchored by a prominent 17-inch touchscreen interface. The quietness of the EV powertrain, coupled with an available air suspension, ensures a serene and supple journey.

Dynamic Performance Options

Performance configurations cater to all, from the acceleration-focused P100D, sprinting from 0-60 mph in just 2.5 seconds, to the rear-wheel-drive variants that optimize range. The 2016 Model S caters to both performance enthusiasts and efficiency seekers alike.

Efficient Battery Utilization and Charging Flexibility

Battery longevity and convenient charging are paramount in the EV experience. Customers can utilize Tesla’s Supercharger network for rapid energy replenishment or install home charging setups to fit their daily routines.

Uncompromised Safety Assurances

The 2016 Model S excels in safety, achieving top ratings from the NHTSA, and is outfitted with active and passive safety technologies to protect occupants effectively.

Advanced Infotainment Interface

The central display unit hosts functions from navigation to entertainment, with the unique advantage of perpetual improvements via over-the-air updates, maintaining relevance even in pre-owned models.

Maintenance Simplicity and Warranty Verification

Prospective owners will appreciate the minimal upkeep associated with electric drivetrains—forgoing routine oil changes—and should inquire about the status of the original 8-year unlimited-mile warranty.

Benchmarking Against Competitors

In comparison to contemporaries, the Model S stands robust with its superior range, avant-garde tech, and dynamic drive offerings.

Calculating Ownership Expenses

Owning a used 2016 Tesla Model S implies considerations of upfront costs, charging expenses, insurance, and post-warranty repairs. However, many find the total cost favorable compared to combustion-engine vehicles.

Inspection Tips for Buyers

Scrutinize the vehicle meticulously, verifying condition, update history, and feature compatibility. For heightened assurance, seek an inspection from a specialist in electric vehicles.Read our comprehensive review for further wisdom on what to watch for in a used Tesla.

Conclusive Thoughts on the Model S

The allure of a Used 2016 Tesla Model S lies in its amalgamation of opulence, swiftness, and forward-thinking design. Prospective buyers who do their due diligence will discover the joys of owning one of the most influential cars in modern motoring.

Used 2016 Tesla Model S Buying Guide

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